Mission Statement

Improve the health and wellness of residents in remote communities with quality, community-oriented dental services without financial or cultural barriers.

About Us

North Raven Dental was created to provide a new vision of Dental services to rural populations with an emphasis on servicing First Nations peoples directly in their community.

We understand the challenges facing remote and rural populations in acquiring dental care and believe that establishing reliable dental services in the community will decrease the burden of dental problems while increasing the level of preventative care and clean healthy teeth.

We are committed to elevating the level of oral health of participating communities with regular and more frequent scheduled visits by dedicated and culturally sensitive dentists.

We provide full-service comprehensive dentistry, from root canal fillings to dentures, with no balance billings for First Nations people.

North Raven Dental realizes the importance of building a foundation of good oral health in children and is active in establishing preventative programs and events to motivate and inform children and care-givers toward healthy teeth and dental habits.

North Raven Dental is committed to removing the financial, geographic and cultural barriers to dental treatment.

We see ourselves as members of participating communities and as such we are responsive to community guidance and input, and will work in consultation with its people toward meeting their unique goals.

The Name

The Raven is an inspiring animal. It is intelligent, creative, beautiful, and is a member of all British Columbian communities, regardless of small population or remote location. In stories it can teach about change and the name North Raven Dental suggests that positive change in oral health services is possible.

The Raven has long been a part of the oral tradition of First Nations in BC. It represents great adaptability, intelligence and has transformative abilities. This symbol reflects the goals and ambition of North Raven Dental; To work towards transforming the dental services model to one that is First Nations centered. Our goal is to serve remote communities, in their community.

Dr. Cameron Robson first began his journey with First Nations communities working and traveling to remote communities in Nunavut. He worked with communities to understand their unique needs and the challenges faced by First Nations living in remote communities. He enjoyed learning traditional hunting practices, personal histories of local artists and gaining an overall understanding of the communities.

He brings to BC, his experience from the North and all the benefits of a dental practice that cares about meeting the needs of remote communities with the same quality of service available to urban residents. North Raven Dental is committed to employing community members during their visits as well as serving as an advocate when working with Health Authorities to address long term health concerns of the community.